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W I T H    O T H E R S


M I T G E F Ü H L   U N D   O H N E     /   2020

Performance pour enfants à partir de 5 ans atteints ou non de surdité autour de l’expression des sensations et des émotions. Elle s’adresse aussi plus largement aux publics atteints de troubles de l’audition.
J'ai œuvré comme scénographe, accessoiriste et costumière en réalisant des boites à sensations et des bancs audio-vibrants.
FELD Theater für junges Publikum, Berlin /DE

P R O X I M I T É (S)     /   2019-2020

Choreographic performance project with Cie Natacha Paquignon, musician Valentin Durif, visual artist Lynn Pook and twenty performers with or without mental disabilities, FR/69100 Villeurbanne
Producteur : Cie Natacha Paquignon

D é p l a c e m e n t   o p u s   1   /   2012

In this 30 minutes long sound walk, we guide the audience in small groups through a slow visit of the Eole public garden...

L a i s s e r   l  e   p a s s a g e   l i b r e   #02 / 2011

Pendant 9 jours, sur des plateaux d’altitude et dans le village de Barnave, 50 artistes aèrent leurs pratiques et se fondent dans le territoire...


L a i s s e r   l  e   p a s s a g e   l i b r e   #01 / 2010

Pendant 10 jours, sur des plateaux d’altitude et dans le village de Barnave, 29 artistes aèrent leurs pratiques et se fondent dans le territoire.....


I m m u n s y s t e m   /   2008-2009

In their spatial installation composed of the three works Reflection, Chambre Claire and Immune Protection Kit, the artists Julien Clauss and Lynn Pook face an environment, in which people today are confronted with new adaptation challenges, resulting from the 'gradual introduction of technical innovations...

P r o m e n a d e s    f l o u e s   /   2009

At the walk's start, each spectator puts on special glasses...

S t i m u l i n e   /   2008

STiMULiNE exploits the tactile dimension of sound and its transmission through the body of the listener...


L â c h e r   p r i s e   /   2008

Performance with Sonja Füsti at Barjol/ Electrobolochoc

T r a v e r s e    /   2008

In cooperation with the artist Lynn Pook the dancer, choreographer und medical doctor Anja Weber will create a dance performance as part of the exhibition Invisible, DE/Field, Berlin.

M o v i n g   b y   n u m b e r s   /   2007


P a u s e   /   2005

A curious patterning, Pause is a set of intimate and contrasting sensations. It produces a reconsideration of the living body...


... s i n d   i m    P a r k   /   2003

This "open-air" Galerie Pankow had no walls, two large trees offering protection from the sun and bad weather...



N e u e r ö f f n u n g   /   2002

Poetic interventions in Polish and German in the city center and suburbs of Frankfurt/Oder...


T o u c h   m e   /   2002

Two hundred hollow plaster eggs are scattered over the room.  Six small speakers are hidden behind them...


S h o o t i n g   G a l l e r y   /   2002

Like in a shooting gallery, members of the public were able to shoot at plaster-eggs with plastic pistols...


L' e n f a n t   d e   l a   h a u t e   m e r  /
C h i l d   o n   t h e   H i g h   S e a s   /   2001

Video and puppets according to the short story « L'enfant de la haute mer » by Jules Supervielle...


P l u m e   d' A n g e / A n g e l  F e a t h e r   /   2000

Video and puppets together combine to produce an almost exclusively visual drama, full of memorable and artistic images.

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