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A U D I O   W O R K S


D p l a c e m e n t   o p u s   1   /   2012

In this 30 minutes long sound walk, we guide the audience in small groups through a slow visit of the Eole public garden...

E n   d e r n i e r   r e s s o r t,   j e   r e g a r d e r a i
r a p e t i s s e r   l e   m o n d e   /   2012

The Audio postcard was produced from recordings conducted during meetings with residents and staff members of the retirement house ...

  b r u i t    s e c r e t    /   2007


T o u c h   m e   /   2002

Two hundred hollow plaster eggs are scattered over the room.  Six small speakers are hidden behind them...


S h o o t i n g   G a l l e r y   /   2002

Like in a shooting gallery, members of the public were able to shoot at plaster-eggs with plastic pistols...

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