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...to my webside (Please, notice the new URL www.lynnpook.net).
My name is Lynn Pia Pook and I'm a visual artist. You're in the right place if you want to contact me,
or if you're interested in my CV. Below you'll find a list of all my projects. Enjoy looking around!
A c t u a l i t y
17-19/09 Matrinoine-en-Diois, ephemeral installation of the group Matrimoine-en-Diois, Place de la Comtesse, Die - FR/26
18-20/06 APTIUM et O R G A N, audio-tactile installations, Expériences sensibles : Le son à fleur de peau, Château de Goutelas, Centre Culturel du Forez - FR/42
Spring Artistic workshops with residents, patients and nursing staff of three health establishments in Boën-sur-Lignon, Montbrison and  Tarare, at the invitation of Château de Goutelas, Centre Culturel du Forez, as part of  « L’art dément le chaos : être et rester une personne » - FR/42
Spring Recorded interviews, for the project « In the field », Les Ensembles 2.2 - FR/67
en cours Co-création with Cie Nathalie Paquignon and hearing-impaired children from SEES Champagnat (OVE foundation, Lyon) with « doudous ».
18-20/09 Exposition Les Entremêleuses, as part of « Les Journées du Patrimoine », Cave Girard (F-26150 Die) [More...]
Creation of relational structures based on touch, with elders in EHPAd and in day care center in Boën-sur-Lignon et Montbrison, at the invitation of Château de Goutelas, Centre Culturel du Forez, as part of « L'art dément le chaos » - FR/42
Continuation postponed to spring 2021 (covid 19)
Proximité(s), artistic co-creation with a group combining adults with mental disabilities, able-bodied adults, amateurs and professionals, led by Natacha Paquignon. Foyer APAJH Le Pré Vert, 69100 Villeurbanne /FR
29/09 First of the performance for children « Mitgefühl und Ohne » for which I realize sensation boxes and audio-vibrating benches. It is an inclusive performance that deals with the theme of the expression of sensations and emotions which is also aimed at audiences with hearing impairments. Berlin /DE  https://jungesfeld.de
31/08-22/09  In Berlin, at Lichtenberg Studios, as part of the cross-residency with Die Residenz (F-26150 Die). Berlin /DE   Lichtenberg Studios
17-18/04 O R G A N, Audio-tacile installation and parent-child workshop. Printemps numérique, Théâtre de Die - 26150 /FR
25-28/03 Pause, audio-tactile installation in  festival Electrochoc #14, SMAC les Abattoirs, 38053 Bourgoin-Jallieu /FR
18-21/03 Proposals for movement workshops for children with the « doudous », part of Proximité(s), led by Natacha Paquignon.
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