Pause (2005)
Sound installation
[with others...]

Five beds are suspended from steel hoops, each equipped with fourteen vibrating loudspeakers. A mechanical system of pulleys and springs links the beds and transmits the oscillation of each bed to the others.
Lying down in the hammocks, the visitor is connected to an autonomous audio-tactile system.
A curious patterning, Pause is a set of intimate and contrasting sensations. It produces a reconsideration of the living body and, on a larger level, a reflection upon sonic and tactile distortion. Thus it brings forth a desire to explore a kind of perceptive airlock, of whether it is hearing and touch which are somehow hesitant, or whether the matter is dual. This duality, which perturbs the sensory organs, gives rise to an extra aspect of perception in the body, in which a normal sense of reality is lost to the skin and the ear and seems no longer to be fixed.
Pause has been realised in collaboration with Julien Clauss.
Production: Association Dédale, Ars Numérica. This project has benefitted from the support of the Ministry of Culture and from Ars Numérica, from HFG-Karlsruhe and

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