Déplacement opus 1 (2012)
Sound walk
Collaboration to the project initiated by Céline DAUVERGNE
and Stéphanie MOITREL (dance and performance company L’Éclaboussée - Paris)
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Jardin d'Éole - Paris - June 29th-Juli 1st - Festival des éphémères

In this 30 minutes long sound walk, we guide the audience in small groups through a slow visit of the Eole public garden.  Equipped with headphones, the audience can follow the dialogue of two women having the same walk but in another time.
The audience perception of the park walk is influenced by the women's comments and the added soundscape creating special audio and visual focuses.
The collision of real space and action and sometime shifted audio-visual indications  creates a filmic effect and a special lecture of this place.
This sound walk is part of a 2 years working process by Céline Dauvergne and Stéphanie Moitrel about walking as a step to go into dance, initiated with some elderly people in a senior club in the north part of Paris.

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