...sind im Park (2003)
Open air gallery in public space in Berlin
Artistic direction with Lina Faller and Susanne Weck
with interventions from followint artists : Marcel Mieth, Réjane Lhote, Ralf Witthaus, Thomas Stussi, Sara Riel, ...
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The exhibition space of Galerie Pankow was measured and their dimensions translated onto a 158 sq m (scale 1:1) wooden platform situated in the Pankow public park, between a café, open spaces and rosegardens.
This "open-air" Galerie Pankow had no walls, two large trees offering protection from the sun and bad weather.
The "Gallery in the Park" remained available around the clock.
During five weeks this "open-air" galerie has been used by different artist.

Minigolf on the open air gallery from Marcel Mieth

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