Organ (2018)
Participative Installation
6 audio-vibrating objets

Organ présentation from gzzzt on Vimeo.

O R G A N  is a composite organic relief from which vibrating sounds emanate. « The closer I get to it, the more I’m part of this landscape. Or would it be more part of me? »
O R G A N  is an invitation to take part in a playful trip, rather contemplative and meditative. Far from supersonic speeds and Internet flows, O R G A N  is a work of slowness, tiny and near.
This relational sculpture involves not only the audience’s senses of sight and hearing but also touch and physical involvement. The skin is his main interface of transmission, the membrane that conveys this confusing experience of sound and vibrations. Take your time and indulge in an intimate and sweet experience made of heights and depths.
O R G A N  invites the audience “in”, to snuggle up “against”, to hug, to move the audio-tactile objects. Alternaetly active and passive, visitors arrange themselves, on and under the objects and becomes part of this sensitive matter.
Associated and facilitators :
Valentin Durif / Sound Artist / Lyon / Rhône
Stéphanie Cailleau / Visual Artist / Die / Drôme
Étude Nolibos (Solstice, coopérative d’entrepreneurs) / Crest / Drôme
8-fablab / Crest / Drôme
Vanderlab / Château Éphémère / Carrières-sous-Poissy / Yvelines
Entreprise Jlc-Sellerie / Valaurie / Drôme
Maison de la Tour / Art center / Valaurie / Drôme
Co-production : Paradox[A] & Maison de la Tour
The project is supported by
Fond SCAN (Regional direction of Art and Culture Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes)
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