Gerade sitzen (2003)
five wood chairs, recorded textes about sitting situations,
radio sound

Five chairs of different sizes (25 cm to 2.30 m) and some short texts I had written about the act of sitting were the material of the performance.
I recorded myself, speaking the texts. Another element I used was radio. A second person controlled the sound.
As with the children's game of "Musical Chairs", while the radio was on I moved and danced around; when the music was stopped, I ran to the next smallest chair and sat on it, whilst a text is played. When the radio starts again I stand up and move again, taking the chair witrh me. Little by little it becomes more difficult for me to move, since I am carrying more and more chairs with me. At the end I build a big tower with all the chair. while a text I wrote at the start of the war in Iraq is played.
In this text I try to describe my incomprehension at the stupidity of this war, which I was barely able to follow sitting in front of a lying TV.